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Residents guide

Welcome as a resident of Tuusula Municipality Real Estate Ltd!

Tuusula Municipal Real Estate Ltd offers safe, good and reasonably priced high-quality homes for living situations in all municipal centers: in Hyrylä, Jokela and Kellokoski. We are working together to build a vibrant and vibrant residential community.

In this guide, we have gathered important information about moving in, living and moving out.

In this guide you will find:

  1. Moving checklist
  2. Population democracy
  3. Housing security
  4. Waste management and energy saving
  5. Moving out instructions
  6. Rules of order
  7. Resposibility chart
  8. Important contact information
Checklist for moving in
Rental agreement

The lease of a residential apartment is always made in writing. The lease is either valid until further notice or fixed-term. The agreement valid until further notice is valid until the agreement is terminated. A fixed-term lease is binding on both parties for the duration of the lease.


The security deposit must be paid before signing the lease. It is the equivalent of 1 to 3 months’ rent. The security deposit will be refunded within approximately one month of the end of the tenancy. The landlord will cover any post-departure expenses with a security deposit. The security deposit will be used if the apartment has been damaged or if the resident has not fulfilled his / her obligations, for example by doing the final cleaning, returning all the keys to the apartment or paying rent.

Resident forum

On the residents forum, you can view information related to your own housing and make a fault report. The registration to resident forum requires strong authentication with online banking IDs or a mobile certificate.

Housing inspection

The apartment has been inspected before moving in. The resident must also inspect the apartment himself and fill in the inspection form for the apartment. You can find the apartment inspection form in the form bank.

Rules of order and current news

The rules of order and current news can be found on the property’s notice board, on the residents’ forum and in this guide.

Housing security

You can find the rescue plan for your own residential building on our website and on the Residents’ forum.

Electricity contract

Make an electricity contract with an electricity company.

Housing allowance
Home insurance

Housing allowance is apartment-specific, so be sure to provide Kela with the information needed for housing allowance.

To Kela’s website.

The properties in the municipality of Tuusula have their own insurance policies that cover damage to the property. Property insurance does not cover damage to a resident’s furniture, for example in the event of a water leak or fire. We recommend that you take out home insurance to secure your own belongings.


In order to use the housing association’s internet connection, you must enter into an agreement with the service provider.

Instructions for opening the subscription can be found in the links below.

Installation of household appliances

The possible purchase of a washing machine and dishwasher is at the resident’s own risk and expense.

Remember that you are also responsible for the correct and safe installation of the machines.

Remember when moving:

  • make a moving notice
  • make an electricity contract
  • register as a broadband user
  • register to resident forum
  • fill out and return the moving in form
  • find out your housing support options from Kela
  • take home insurance

Population democracy

Resident democracy gives residents decision-making power and the opportunity to influence matters concerning their own housing. Resident democracy is based on the law on collective management of rental housing. Resident activities are what residents do together to improve their own living comfort and living environment.

Resident activities provide a means of creating a living environment for residents. Resident activities are voluntary activities in which everyone participates according to their own coping and skills. You can get involved in the residents ’activities by participating in a residents’ meeting held in your own house. The meeting deals with current issues in the house and elects a residents’ committee for the house.

The purpose of resident democracy is to:

  • promote interaction, cooperation and trust between landlord and tenants
  • give tenants opportunities to influence
  • increase mutual responsibility in house matters
  • to make the management of house affairs, the flow of information and influencing things smoother through cooperation.
  • promote, through mutual trust, the good maintenance and care of houses

More information about population democracy on ARA’s website.

Housing security

Error messages

If you notice a defect / deficiency / damage in your property or apartment, please notify the landlord immediately.

Urgent notifications should always be made by phone for service 24/7.

You can also make a non-urgent fault report electronically via our website or Resident forum.

Home insurance

Home insurance insures the furniture of your own home and usually also includes liability and legal expenses insurance. The insurance policies of the housing association and the landlord do not cover damage to the tenant’s furniture or damage for which the tenant is legally liable. We recommend home insurance to protect your property.

Fire safety

Every apartment must have a fire alarm by law. The location of the alarm is on the ceiling and in small apartments the best place is the bedroom. There should be 1 fire alarm per 60 m2.

Rescue plans for the properties can be viewed on the Tuusula municipality’s property website and on the Residents’ forum.

Locks and locking

If the key is forgotten, the property maintenance will open the door to the person registered in the apartment. When opening the door, the identity is always checked. The resident pays for the opening of the door to the maintenance company.

If the key is lost, the lock must be re-serialized. Report the loss of the key to the property manager who will order the lock serialization. The series is paid by the resident.

The resident can install a security lock at his own expense. One of the keys to the security lock is recommended to be delivered to the property maintenance company. When moving out, the security lock must be left in place and the keys handed over to the landlord free of charge.

Waste maintenance and energy saving

Waste maintenance

All of our properties have excellent facilities for sorting and recycling waste. Almost all of our housing companies have the opportunity to sort and recycle mixed, paper, cardboard, glass, small metal, plastic and biowaste.

Garbage should be placed in waste bins and should not be left outside the bins or in the yard. The waste on the ground attracts birds and pests to the yard. The waste is sorted into the correct containers according to the sorting instructions. Please note that improperly sorted waste is an additional cost item that residents pay in their rents.

Hazardous waste (such as batteries, fluorescent tubes, energy-saving lamps, oils), old household appliances and furniture, and large-scale waste must be taken to landfills. The exceptionally large amount of waste generated during the move must also be taken to a waste station. More information on waste issues: www.kiertokapula.fi

Energy saving

Your own decisions and actions can affect energy consumption. Below are a few notices and tips for saving energy.

  • Use heat, water and electricity spairingly
  • A suitable room temperature is about 20 degrees, the temperature in the bedroom mat be lower. A one degree increase in temperatures makes a 5% increase in heating costs.
  • Do not cover the radiator and thermostat with furniture or curtains. Also keep the radiators clean to ensure the best possible heat transfer to the room air.
  • During the heating season, ventilate quickly, do not leave the window open for a day. 
  • Turn off household appliances after use, do not leave appliances in standby mode.
  • Replace incandescent bulbs with energy-saving or LED bulbs.
  • Turn off lights where they are not needed.
  • Defrost the freezer regularly. 
  • Clean the back of the refrigerator regularly. An uncleaned refrigerator consumer more energy and increases the risk of fire.
  • Make use of the residual heat of the oven and hob for cooking. 
  • Prefer washing laundry when the machine is full.
  • If possible, dry the laundry outdoors.
  • Report about a leaking faucet or toilet as soon as possible.

Moving out

Termination of the rental agreement

The agreement is always terminated in writing. The notice of termination shall be signed by the persons in whose names the lease has been entered into.

The notice period is always one calendar month. You can find the notice notice on the Tuusula municipality’s real estate website.

Move-out cleaning and home inspection

The move-out cleaning of the apartment must be done in such a way that the new resident can take up the apartment immediately. At the end of the tenancy, the apartment is inspected for housing and the condition and cleanliness of the apartment. If necessary, the apartment will also be inspected in advance during the notice period.

Normal wear and tear due to housing is taken into account in the inspection, but if, for example, goods are left in the dwelling, it is not cleaned, the dwelling is broken or the furniture belonging to the dwelling is missing, the costs are charged or invoiced to the resident.

Cleaning instructions when moving out


  • Defrost the freezer, refrigerator and clean them throughly. Be careful not to spill the defrost water on the floor and leave the cabinet doors properly open. Check that the devices are turned off.
  • Clean the inside and outside of the hob and wash oven dampers and grilles.
  • Pull out the hob and refrigerator, clean wall and floor of the adjancent cabinets and the sides of the appliances.
  • Clean the cooker hood / ventilation valve of grease and wash the cooker hood grease filter.
  • Empty the rubbish bins and wash them.
  • Empty cabinets and drawers. Wipe them clean inside and out.
  • Wipe the faucet, sinks and countertops throughly.
  • After removing the dishwasher, plug in the water and drain connections. The company will charge the resident for the costs incurred for non-plugged connections.
  • Wash the floor.

Toilets, washing and sauna facilities

  • Wash the toilet seat, floor drain and gand basins as well as the water taps throughly.
  • Clean the mirror cabinets.
  • After removing the dishwasher, plug in the water drain connections. The company will charge the resident for the costs incurred for non-plugged connections.
  • Wash walls, floors and floor drains.
  • The sauna benches should be washed clean, as well as the floor.

In general

  • Clean loose dirt from floors, wash floors and wipe baseboards.
  • Wipe all cabinets, shelves, intermediate doors, walls and radiators with a damp cloth.
  • Clean all ventilation valves in the apartment. (Do not change the adjustment position.)
  • Wash the windows. (In winter only interior surfaces.)
  • All screws, hooks and mirrors are removed from the wall and ceiling surfaces.
  • Missing luminaire boxes must be installed. 
  • No items are allowed in the apartment.
  • Windows or balcony doors must not be left open when leaving the apartment and must be closed carefully.

Balcony, yard and storage space

  • Empty and clean your balcony or yard area.
  • Empty and clean your storage space. Sweep the floor.


  • Only ordinary household waste is taken to the house waste point. Old furniture, mattresses, etc. and hazardous waste must be delivered to the waste station by each resident.

Out-moving checklist

Terminate the agreement in writing.

Clean the apartment according to the cleaning instructions.

Return all apartment keys.

Terminate the electricity contract.

Make a moving notice.

Rules of order

In order to maintain the comfort and safety of the residents, Tuusula Municipal Real Estate Ltd has the following rules in force in addition to legislation.

1. Common areas

In apartment buildings, the exterior doors are kept locked between 21:00 and 07/07. Common areas must be free of noise and unnecessary stays are prohibited. Common areas and courtyards must be kept clean. The affixing of signs and advertisements is prohibited.

2. Smoking

Smoking is only allowed in the smoking area. Smoking is not allowed in the apartments, stairwells, lifts and other indoor areas, as well as in the children’s playgrounds. Smoking is completely prohibited in non-smoking houses.

3. Waste

Household waste must be sorted according to the instructions and taken to waste containers. The resident takes care of the removal of other waste, such as furniture and household appliances.

4. Parking

Vehicles may only be parked in designated areas. Parking spaces are for vehicles in traffic. Abandoned or decommissioned vehicles or parts thereof must not be stored on the property. Guest parking is available on a limited first-come, first-served basis (surcharge). Washing of vehicles in the area of ​​the property is not allowed. Charging electric cars is only allowed at the electric car charging point.

5. Laundry room

The laundry room is only for laundry for property residents. Washing carpets in ordinary laundromats is prohibited.

6. Dusting

The laundry room is only for laundry for property residents. Washing carpets in ordinary laundromats is prohibited.

7. Storage of goods

The resident can store their own belongings in the furniture storage belonging to the apartment. For fire safety, do not store anything in the stairwells, eg prams. The outdoor equipment store stores usable equipment.

8. Night peace

Neighbors must be given night peace between 10 pm and 7 am. Disturbing noise must not be heard at other times either.

9. Apartment maintenace

The apartment must be taken care of carefully. Water leaks, damage to the apartment or pests must be reported to the service company without delay. Do not put anything in the toilet bowl or other drains that could cause them to become clogged and damaged. The tenant can only make alterations to the apartment if he has received written permission from the landlord.

10. Balcony or apartment yard

The balconies and courtyards of the apartments must be kept clean and must not be collected. The resident is responsible for mowing the lawn and shrubs in the apartment yard and removing the snow. It is forbidden to wash the balcony under the tap. Flower pots must be placed inside the handrail. Feeding of wild animals is prohibited in the company’s territory.

11. Grilling

Barbecues and open fires on the balcony are strictly prohibited throughout the property.

12. Pets

Outside the apartments, pets must be kept connected and must not disturb other residents. Pets are not allowed in the yard and pet droppings must be cleaned up immediately.

13. Violation of the rules

When concluding a lease, the tenant undertakes to abide by the rules and to take responsibility for family members and guests. Violation of the rules of procedure may result in liability for damages or termination of the lease. Please report the vandalism or disorder immediately to the police and the landlord.

Division of responsibilities

From the division of responsibilities table below, you can easily check which matters are your responsibility as a resident and which matters you can report to the maintenance company. If there is a property manager in the table, you can report them to TuKuKi’s customer service.

Electrical equipment


Apartment fuses


Apartment riser(fuse)


Electrical wires, original


Checking the operation of fire alarms and replacing the battery

Resident (error message for maintenance if needed)

Hoods and lamps for original lamps + lamps for cookers, refrigerators, ovens and extractor hoods

Resident during stay, maintenance during resident changes

Cleaning the defrost opening in the refrigerator and defrosting the freezers


Doorbell battery replacement

Resident during stay

Light switches and sockets


Antenna and telephone sockets


Apartment sauna stove


Renovation of the sauna stones in the apartment sauna




Radiator expression


Radiator valve repair


Radiator repair


Apartment temperature measurement


Basic temperature control of the apartment

Property manager

Air condition


Installation or maintenance of a home cooker hood


Cleaning the drain valve every three months


Drain valve repair


Cleaning the cooker hood grease filter every three months


Apartment and house air conditioners


Cleaning the air ducts

Property manager

Ventilation system adjustment

Property manager

Replacement valve cleaning in spring and autumn


Interior coatings


Painting of ceilings/walls

Property manager or resident with permission

Floor coverings

Property manager

Yard area


Lawn in the apartment yard, inside the shrubs


Plantings per apartment (only in the planting box)


Construction of a courtyard fence and terrace

With permission of property manager


With permission of property manager

Windows and doors


Glasses for windows


Fixed window seals


Holding devices


Repair of window frames and fittings


Intermediate installation of blinds (must be left when leaving the apartment)


Roller blinds (ceiling or wall mounted)


Curtain clamps and slides


Exterior doors of the apartment


Mailbox and doorbell


Exterior door nameplate


Locks, fittings


Exterior door security lock and door eye (must be left in the door)

Resident/property manager



Additional keys

Resident/property manager orders the key

Lost keys

Resident/property manager orders the key

Lost keys/key serialization

Resident/property manager orders key serialization

Build-in furniture


Cabinets, their shelves and fittings




Mirrors / mirror cabinet, standard equipment


Refrigerator / freezer repair


Accessory purchased by the resident themself or by the previous resident


Stove, cooker hood


Dish drying racks


Water and sewerage


Faucet seals


Replacing the water tap


Connecting dishwashers

Resident orders the plumber

Replacing the hand shower hose


Basin plugs


Cleaning of sinks, floor drains and odor traps


Sewer opening


Pipeline leaks


Toilet equipment




Snow work


Important contact information

Maintenance company

Laten KH-Palvelut Oy

tel. +358 40 0599895 (mon-fri 8am-4pm)

puh. +358 40 0275085 (on-call time)


  • Maintenance serves 24/7 
  • Error messages and service requests
  • Door openings

NOTE! Always report urgent repair needs, such as pipe leaks, by phone!

You can also make a non-urgent fault report at www.tukuki.fi

Property manager

Tuusulan kunnan kiinteistöt Oy

Ostosraitti 1 (business space 1), 04300 Tuusula

telephone service mon – fri 9am-2pm

Our office is open by appointment only



tel. +358 40 3143033 or +358 40 3143038

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